Lila kindergarten is

the only kindergarten affiliated to Lila elementary school


Purpose and goals of the National Nuri-Curriculum

  1. - Purpose

    Is to enable children’s harmonious development of mind and body through play and to develop a foundation of courteous democratic citizenship

  2. - Goals
    1. 1Value oneself and develop a healthy and safe life.
    2. 2Develop basic skills to manage one’s own task.
    3. 3Cultivate imagination and creativity with curiosity and inquiry.
    4. 4Cultivate cultural sensitivity being grateful for the beauty of daily life.
    5. 5Develop a communicative attitude with people and nature.
Play Theme : Caring & Listening
    • Storytelling :
      Caring and Listening

    • Finding
      5 senses

    • Roleplay :
      Counseling Center

    • Priority Seat

    • Library of Lila Elementary School

    • Cooking : making sandwiches for my friend

    • Field Trip : Imagination World Seoul

    • Disability Understanging Education ‘listen and Follow’

    • Jigsaw Puzzle ‘The fox and the crane’

    • Science ‘Thread Phone’

    • Listening and Drawing

    • Drama : ‘Please listen to me!’

    • Whispering Game

    • ‘Shout-out’ Quiz

    • The Flag Game

    • Making a Poster for ‘Caring and Listening’