Lila kindergarten is

the only kindergarten affiliated to Lila elementary school


Founder’s Message

Foundation Principle of
Lila is 'LOVE'

Lila follows ideology of Pestaloch's philosophy
on education which is 'LOVE'

Love is noble.
Love is great.
Love makes everything possible.

The Founder of Lila School

Mr. Kwon, Eung Pal

Lila School is a Heaven of children

Lila children are angels.

History of Lila

A 21-year old Korean policeman named Kwon, Eung Pal decided to
take care of war orphaned boys in Jung-Gu, Seoul after the Korea War
in March 1952. One day, Kwon set up a blackboard on the street and
began teaching those boys Hangeul(Korean Alphabet)
and provided shelter for them. This small gathering soon became
a group of 60 boys and referred as ‘Sergeant Kwon’s Sheoshine Boys’ School’.

After 2 years of moving from place to place, the school settled on Namsan
near the center of Seoul which is how Lila School has begun.

We provide the foundation for lifelong learning,
by maintaining experienced and professional educators
that are trained in providing a child and play-focused